Top US beverage companies dismiss contamination allegations

Coca-Cola, Del Monte, Dole and other leading US beverage companies have all dismiss allegation that harmful traces of lead are appearing in their fruit juice.

Claims have been made that various packaged fruit juice products have been exposed to trace levels of lead, which may cause “potential adverse health effects.

However, a motion for dismissal has been filed in the US district court of Massachusetts, as none of the plaintiffs in the case have actually been injured.

A spokesperson for the defendant companies has said, “Plaintiffs, who used up the packaged fruit and fruit juice they purchased, without incident, have suffered no economic injury. They therefore lack standing, and their claim must be dismissed.”

Reported on Foodproductiondaily.com, the companies involved have also dismissed the claims that the six plaintiffs were “misled into purchasing” some of the products, saying there is insufficient evidence.

The case apparently came about after the plaintiffs learned from an environmental activist group of trace amounts of lead in the products.

Previously the plaintiffs had consumed the FDA approved products “regularly”.


Image courtesy of https://www.topnews.in

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