Traceability of goods key to new partnership

A strategic partnership between Result Group and IDlocate brings together the printing expertise of Result and IDlocate’s consumer-facing authentication platform.

Both companies believe the partnership will allow them to deliver best practice traceability and anti-counterfeiting.

“It’s an exciting partnership” says Result Group GM Michael Dossor. “Consumers are demanding traceability as to the source of supply…this strategic partnership allows us to continue delivering best practice solutions for our clients with an off-the- shelf solution. Of upmost importance is ease of use and consumer engagement; these are ticked off better than any other solution we have seen.”

“Our partnership with IDlocate enables us to deliver our customers a complete turnkey solution from Coding and Marking equipment and control software, to print a unique QR code on every product that will read and engage with any consumer on any handheld platform,” says Michael Harrop, Result’s Business Unit Manager. “Whilst there are a few other options in the market, we haven’t seen anything that works so well from both the manufacturer and the consumer stand-point.”

IDlocate was founded in 2015 by two consumer behaviour specialists, who understood that the existing platforms were IT led, and they were not delivering what the consumer was demanding or what brands could deliver. It was great to have all the technology and tests, but when they aren’t communicated to the consumer in an easy to access platform, the consumers lose interest and don’t engage with brands.

The solution is built on an enhanced version of a platform that has been delivering  coding solutions for the last 15 plus years, and addresses all the issues and risk in printing a unique identifier in a manufacturing environment. More importantly, it allows a consumer to engage with the brand owner’s message without the need for a specific reader or to download a special app.

Everything is web deployed meaning it does not matter what smartphone or reader is used, or what social media application or code reader a consumer is using. There is no barrier for the consumer to participate. Research has shown that consumers are now demanding to know where their products are sourced from, so it makes sense to display this to them in a way that provides for easy to access content. This is addressed by a brand owner being able to build custom content relevant to their products and existing systems, and share this with consumers at the touch of a button.


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