Trade website for drinks launched in NZ

A new website has been launched to promote New Zealand’s beverage trade for wines, spirits and soft drinks at

Developed by the team at and run by FitzGerald Wine Auctions, Drinktrade is designed to be a ‘one stop shop’ for anybody to buy and sell.

For buyers, the aim is to have Drinktrade in time provide the greatest range of products available in one place on the internet.

According to Drinktrade, “not only will you find the standard items available in every drink shop in NZ but also the rare, old and the unexpected.

“Through Fitzgerald Wine Auctions, anyone will be able to sell their unwanted wines, spirits etc and thus many non-standard items will be available. Furthermore, there are no buyers premiums as there are in the standard auction house.”

For sellers, the benefits are wide-ranging. All sellers write their own goods’ descriptions and set their own reserves. They have control and will pay less commission than charged by the standard auction houses. As well, retailers have another market through which to sell their products and can have their own store.

Even those retailers without a website can have an online presence via a store at Drinktrade. Moreover, they will have the opportunity to source those hard to find older wines that will be available from private cellars and the like.

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