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Transforming consumer engagement in the food and beverage industry

Today’s consumer is tech-savvy. To thrive in this new retail era, brands must reimagine their engagement strategies. Panuwat/Shutterstock

Providing tailored, real-time information from various sources has become increasingly
important in the food and beverage industry.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the food and beverage industry, a global trend is reshaping the way brands and consumers interact. It’s no longer just about the exchange of products; consumers now demand a richer experience that goes beyond transactions. 

Today’s consumers crave more information, personalisation and an immersive brand encounter that mirrors their identity.

This begs the question: How can consumers easily access this vital information, especially when standing in front of the physical shelf in a store? And how can brands make the most of this trend?

Next wave of digital transformation

Today’s consumer is tech-savvy. To thrive in this new retail era, brands must reimagine their engagement strategies. 

They need to provide tailored, real-time information from diverse sources, meeting consumers wherever they may be. The solution lies in an already existing tool—the QR Code. Not just any QR Code, but a GS1-powered QR Code, also known as a 2D barcode.

While traditional QR Codes are often limited to a single purpose, such as a promotional offer, GS1-powered QR Codes can execute multiple functions. They can seamlessly transition from showcasing manufacturing processes and recycling instructions to delivering personalised brand messages and exclusive offers.

Picture a barcode that can connect consumers to a product’s entire journey in real-time, offering business visibility from manufacture to distribution across the supply chain and in the near future, also functioning as the familiar beep at point-of-sale.

Upgrading to GS1-powered QR Codes opens a world of possibilities for consumers, granting almost limitless access to brand and product details. Through a simple scan of a single on-pack symbol using their phones, consumers can explore material composition, production origin, sustainability, nutritional facts, allergen information and much more.

Leveraging new insights 

GS1-powered QR Codes serve as a powerful tool for brands to extract invaluable insights. By tapping into these analytics, brands can tailor offers, and exclusive deals based on consumer preferences, purchase history or location. 

Fostering loyalty through engaging promotions, surveys, and gamified purchase experiences. 

The integration with a brand’s mobile app further elevates the consumer experience, enabling the delivery of custom notifications, recommendations, and interactive features like two-way instant feedback.

In addition, brands gain the ability to track the who, where and when of QR Code scans globally. This wealth of information provides essential insights for refining business strategies and making vital improvements.

Why GS1-powered QR Codes?

The next generation QR Codes adhere to GS1 standards, ensuring consistency, interoperability, and accuracy in data exchange, globally. 

The good news is that updating to GS1-powered QR Codes doesn’t require an extensive overhaul of business processes and systems. By incorporating a GS1 Digital Link into existing QR Codes, products transform into gateways for immersive brand experiences.

Global usage

GS1-powered QR Codes seamlessly integrate across industries, languages, and systems, facilitating tasks like inventory management, supply chain tracking and consumer engagement.

Enhanced consumer interaction

The scan of a code becomes an opportunity to engage consumers in unprecedented ways—driving connections, delivering personalisation, and creating immersive experiences.

One barcode, infinite possibilities

From product identification to traceability, marketing campaigns to inventory control, GS1-powered QR Codes unlock endless possibilities for brands ready to embrace the future of consumer engagement

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