Trending ingredient to watch: Butterfly pea flower natural colour additive

The US FDA has approved a petition submitted by Sensient to allow Butterfly Pea Flower Extract to be used as a colour additive in a range of categories, effective October 2021.

As a natural blue colour additive, Butterfly Pea Flower may have a positive impact on consumers‘ moods. According to our monthly tracker “The Chinese Consumer: Life after COVID-19 – February 2021”, 37 per cent of consumers surveyed believe that blue is a mood-boosting colour, the proportion of young consumers aged 18-24 who have this view is 60 per cent.

Among New Launches in Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD)

The number of new products in the food and beverage category containing Butterfly Pea Flowers is still small, with a collective total of around 130. The main categories are Hot Drinks (tea) (33.3 per cent), Juice (20.5 per cent) and Nutritional Beverages and Other Beverages. In addition, it is also used in small quantities in Side Dishes (mainly pasta), Desserts and Ice Creams as well as Snack categories.

More than 75 per cent of products containing Butterfly Pea Flowers in food and beverages categories are from the APAC region, mainly from the Thailand and Indonesia markets.

GNPD New Products Overview


Par Avion Unicorn Tears

contains butterfly pea flower, it takes on a dark blue colour when add hot water, and a violet colour when add lemon. (U.S.)


Fujiya LOOK Blue Diamond Chocolate

uses the butterfly pea flower as a natural colour additive to create a dreamy colour.



Acaii Tea T6 Good Night Herbal Tea

with rich antioxidants such as roses and butterfly pea flower, it is claimed to have a calming and soothing effect.


Children’s Snacks

Sunkrisps X Unicorn Yoghurt Melts

is made with natural ingredients including butterfly pea flower which is rich in antioxidants and flavonoids.



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