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The culture of Tea has a long history in Chinese food and drink culture, and the boom in tea house in recent years has further increased consumer awareness of tea.

According to a consumer survey in Mintel China Reports – Menu Insights: Tea Houses 2H – 2020, 39 per cent of consumers have purchased tea with fruit pulp added and 36 per cent have purchased pure tea in the past 6 months.

Among new launches in Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD)

In the Chinese market, the share of tea-related flavours in food and drink category* grew from 1.4 per cent (2019.1-2019.12) to 2.2 per cent (2021.1-2021.12) in the last three years, representing a growth rate of 52.9 per cent.

Among the new food and drink products containing tea flavours in the Chinese market, matcha flavour is the mainstream, but its share has declined in the past rolling three years. Besides, the new flavours of peach + oolong tea, bubble tea, red bean + matcha are active; at the same time, emerging flavours such as oolong tea + white peach, brown sugar bubble tea, lemon + black tea have emerged.

GNPD New Products Overview


Glico Pejoy Osmanthus Oolong Tea Flavored Filled Biscuits is said to contain GABA, which brings relaxation and a happy mood. (China)


TeaNuts & Grains

Qia Qia Peach Oolong Flavoured Fruit and Nut Assortment is said to be made using 100 per cent freshly picked nuts and fruits and contains tea polyphenols. (China)



Copico Green Tea and Greengage Flavoured Potato Chips are said to be made using real green tea and selected quality potatoes. (China)


TeaSports Drinks

Toporock Yerba Mate Tea Flavoured Pump Jelly is suitable for fitness consumers. (China)


TeaFlavoured Milk

Mengniu Red Grapefruit & Four-Season Spring Tea Flavoured Milk Beverage is said to be made using selected red grapefruit and quality oolong tea, and contain fleshy fruit bits. (China)


TeaFlavoured Alcoholic Beverages

Miss Berry Peach Oolong Flavoured Fermented Fruit Wine is free from colourings, flavourings and preservatives. (China)



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