Trending ingredient to watch: Black truffles with semi-luxury flavour

Black truffles

Did you know?

Black truffles, an ingredient that originated in Europe, have evolved into a worldwide ingredient and flavour. According to Mintel Menu Insight, the frequency of the word “truffle” on the menu is growing at a rate of 57 per cent in the US market (2018Q1 vs. 2021Q1).

In addition to being more common in catering channel, such as pasta sauces, in recent years in the APAC market, black truffles have started to be added more often to the snack category, especially in the crisp category.

Among New Launches in Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD)

Globally, new food and beverage products containing black truffle related ingredients are growing fast in 2013-2014 and 2019-2020, with over 3,000 products accumulated. The top 3 categories are Sauces & Seasonings (26.0 per cent), Side Dishes (13.5 per cent, mainly pasta and sauces) and Dairy (13.2 per cent, mainly cheese and cheese products).

Europe is the major market for black truffle ingredients. In recent years, the use of black truffle is growing rapidly in the APAC market, the growth rate of the share is 203.0 per cent over 5 years (2016.9-2017.8 vs. 2020.9-2021.8).

Mintel GNPD New Products Overview


Black trufflesAroma Truffle Co.

This brand specialises in black truffle flavours, its product line includes black truffle chips, popcorn, chilli sauce, oil and mooncakes (Singapore).



KitKat SNAX Truffle Flavoure Mix Tapas

Contains pumpkin seeds, rice crispies, chocolate wafers, season with truffle oil (Japan).





Black trufflesLa Cave à Truffes Black Truffle Cashews

Contains 1 per cent black truffle (France).





Frozen Food

Dongwon Gaeseong Truffle dumplings

Contains 0.6 per cent black truffle (Korea).


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