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Tripod Coffee releases new instant blend

Tripod Coffee

Australian-based sustainable coffee company Tripod Coffee is launching a new instant coffee that promises to sit front and centre in your kitchen cupboard. 

Tripod’s first specialty-grade instant coffee, The Three Capes Blend, is produced via a slow-brew extraction process with Ethiopian single origin beans. It’s a stark contrast to typical instant coffee which extracts as much coffee as possible from poor grade beans, creating that burnt, metallic aftertaste which lingers on the tongue. 

Tripod’s mission is to deliver great tasting coffee in a sustainable way, offering alternatives that require no expensive machinery. 

“Instant coffee has always been the most convenient way to get your coffee fix, but unfortunately until now it’s never tasted good,” Tripod Coffee partner David Siegel said.  

 “During the last few years, we’ve been working with different coffees and processes to make it taste delicious and now we’re proud to release Tripod’s first Specialty-Grade instant coffee: The Three Capes Blend.” 

The instant coffee is designed to fill the gap for coffee connoisseurs who want quality coffee without the price tag, or the need for heavy duty machinery.  

The Three Capes Blend joins Tripod Coffee’s impressive portfolio of coffee products, including its flagship compostable coffee pod. 

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