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TRUFF announce the launch of White Hotter sauce


Continuing to elevate everyday condiments for those who can handle the heat, TRUFF has dropped the latest in their line of luxury hot sauces with the official launch of White Hotter in Australia.

A curated blend of ripe chilli peppers, organic agave nectar, the rarer white truffle, and a hint of coriander, this product is much brighter and bolder than its predecessor.

TRUFF’s White Truffle Hot Sauce is already known for boasting a slightly sweeter, more umami taste; however, you’ll love to learn this hotter varietal still lives up to its decadent flavour profile. With a very similar ingredients list to TRUFF White and the same packaging, the only differentiator to note is the supreme level of spice (5,000-7,000 scoville heat units).

“Our goal, always, is for TRUFF to offer a memorable and luxurious food experience for our loyal community. We’re continuing to reimagine and elevate household pantry staples with the release of White Hotter, another step in the right direction for our growing brand,” TRUFF ANZ co-director Steve Pirone said.

A stellar addition to the spicy lineup of pantry staples now encompassing hot sauce, pasta sauce and truffle oil, TRUFF White Hotter is the perfect topper for red meat, roast vege, hearty winter soups, and a super exciting way to spice up plant-based recipes too. Much like the remainder of their product portfolio, this new iteration of white is also gluten free, preservative free, and vegan friendly.

TRUFF products tend to be snatched up quickly, so get in quick. TRUFF White Hotter will also be available at David Jones, select grocers, select butchers, and specialty food stores nationwide. Head to www.truff.com.au to learn more about the range, key stockists, to place an order.


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