TSE6086B Flexible Package Leak Detector

The aim of testing after packing is to ensure the quality of finished products, improve their shelf-life, and therefore assure a greater guarantee of product compliance.

The bench top model TSE6086B tests packages for leaks and goes go / no-go answers independent of the operator. It can detect holes (leak) as small as 10 micron in diameter allowing sensitive measurement without stressing package contents thanks to the unique chamber design.

This leak testing equipment is used by clients to test biscuits, snack foods, salad, MAP packs, milk powder, medical bandages, pharmaceuticals etc. with proven results that make us the leading provider in the industry. The testing chamber is designed to fit most package sizes found in the supermarket. Finished products are placed manually, and the handle is closed to initiate a fully automatic test sequence.

Results are displayed with Pass or Fail lamps, along with a quantitative measure of the leakage rate. The test run as fast as 5-15 seconds for most standard packs and testing results are logged into a spreadsheet importable format to PC for trend analysis and traceability.

The non-destructive, stainless steel food package leak tester is ideal for seal integrity and leak detection and designed for high industry standards.

Bestech Australia also offers traditional water bath leak testers and modified versions based on customers’ specifications.

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