Tuna product recalled following food poisoning scare

A tinned tuna product linked to four cases of food poisoning has been removed from the market, according to the NSW Food Authority.

Earlier this week, four people reported symptoms of scombroid, or histamine poisoning soon after consuming a takeaway tuna salad from Soul Origin, a cafe located at Town Hall station in Sydney’s CBD. Symptoms include skin rashes, dizziness, tingling in the mouth and nausea.

As part of its investigation, the NSW Food Authority obtained samples of the tuna product, imported from Thailand, for testing. The product, John Bull Tuna Chunky Style in Sunflower Oil, 425g (best before 11.2017, batch code: FTM40280D) is not generally available to the public, and is mostly used by catering companies.

Histamine fish poisoning usually occurs when naturally occurring bacteria in certain species of fish produce an enzyme which converts histidine in the fish to histamine. This can occur as a result of temperature abuse of product at the catching or processing stage.

A trade level withdrawal of the affected batch has been undertaken and all affected product has been removed from the market, a statement from the Food Authority reads.

Soul Origin has confirmed that it has changed tuna brands.


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