Turning useless drums into waste bins

Industrial ergonomics specialist Actisafe has developed a patented technology that turns useless or unwanted 44 gallon drums into productive waste bins for industry.

This cost-effective technology not only gives a new and viable lease of life by converting 44 gallon drums into rubbish bins, it also eliminates the dangerous — and illegal — act of people climbing up onto a forklift to empty out larger, regular bins.

This conversion technology easily allows the user to lift the drum with a forklift and empty the contents as required.

Since the advent of bulk containment and removal of waste from Australian industry, the traditional 44 gallon drum has mostly been found on industrial sites lying around wasting.

Often, they are left dormant because companies specialising in a mediating and recycling these old drums normally expect them in significant quantities before it is economically feasible to come around to collect them. As the product is made in Australia, it is available on fast turnaround directly from the manufacturer.

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