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Turnkey food and beverage batching solutions

Bürkert is offering a turnkey fluid-batching solution comprising sensors, valve actuators and batch controller, with the option of an integrated HMI.

Australia has an international reputation for producing premium, safe and high-quality food and beverage products.

That reputation, and Australia’s close proximity to Asian markets has made the food and beverage industry the largest manufacturing sector in Australia.

Now Australian food and beverage manufacturers are being supported by the Federal Government through the release of the Food and Beverage National Manufacturing Priority roadmap, part of the $1.3 billion Modern Manufacturing Initiative.

The industry road map outlines industry-led actions to increase food and beverage manufacturing activity over the next 10 years.

One of the opportunities identified for future growth is in the area of batch automation.

Turnkey batching systems

For those food and beverage manufacturers looking to modernise their batch control systems in a simpler and cost-effective way, Bürkert is offering a turnkey fluid batching solution comprising sensors, valve actuators and batch controller, with the option of an integrated HMI.

A customised solution

By combining Bürkert’s Type ME43 or Type ME63 batch controller with an extensive portfolio of flow sensors and valve actuators, Bürkert can provide individual batch systems that are exactly customised to suit the needs of the application – either as a control cabinet installation with the Type ME43 or as a field installation with the Type ME63.

The completed solution includes all the components needed for a batching solution supporting up to three valves solution, which can be supplemented with the Type ME61 touch capable process control display that comes with a pre-configured batching dashboard.

The benefits of going digital

The Type ME43 and ME63 controllers provide an all-digital solution.

The components in Bürkert’s custom batch systems are part of its Efficient Device Integration Platform (EDIP), which facilitates the digital integration of field devices in an existing system, right down to the sensor and actuator level.

Communication between EDIP devices is made possible due to a digital interface: the Bürkert system bus. Bürkert’s bus is based on, and is fully compatible with, the CANopen industrial standard. It also features additional functions for simplified operation.

A gateway function in the Type ME43 and ME63 controllers also allows the integration of the batch control into higher level automation systems using other industrial standards, like PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP and PROFIBUS.

Bürkert’s digital batch automation solutions significantly reduce the amount of cabling complexity, utilising a single Ethernet cable between the components of the system.

Simplified connectivity along with reduced configuration effort significantly reduces the cost of deployment over a traditional system based on analogue control wiring.

Acquiring a standardised batch control loop solution from a single source, pre-configured to the specific application, saves time, increases flexibility and reduces spare parts inventory.

Discover more at www.burkert.com.au.

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