UBS carton and pallet labellers

With the addition of United Barcode Systems (UBS) carton and pallet labellers to the Australian market Dy-Mark Identification Solutions are leading the way in turnkey labelling solutions for the food and beverage industry.

According to Dy-Mark Identification Solutions National Sales Manager Mark Luft, the introduction of the UBS range in Australia offers the market unique carton and pallet labelling equipment.

“The UBS range is the only range that has designed environmental cabinets for media supply and integrated mechanics, pneumatics and electronics. This feature sets the UBS range apart from others,” Luft said.

“An additional uniqueness of the UBS range is that the APL 4000 is purpose-built for carton labelling and the APL 8000 for pallet labelling. The APL 4000 carton labeller is ideally suited for secondary labelling irrespective of the label orientation or number of labels required. The APL 4000 has no limitations. It can label top side, dual panel, wrap and multi label.”

The newly launched APL 8000 series are also purpose-built for pallet labelling and as such sets this range apart from many others available on the market today. Designed for single, dual and even three panel applications the APL 8000 series is custom built for pallet applications.

The APL 8000 series makes compliance and traceability regulations easy and ensures the ultimate technology in GS1-128 barcode labels printing. The series is offered with an optional elevator, allowing the pallet labeller to adjust and adapt to any pallet configuration and pre-programmed height. The optional elevator can also label one pallet from different heights.

The APL 8000 series integrates the Datamax A-Class family of print engines which are designed to include some of the most innovative features ever found in a print and apply engine.

Dy-Mark Identification Solutions also has accredited staff that have been trained to develop MCL stand-alone applications. The MCL solution means that there is no need for a PC, no requirement to link print engines and the solutions are designed as stand-alone if needed. On-board PLC also means that the solutions can be integrated into production lines and the network if needed.

UBS systems are designed with heavy-duty powder coated finish and fully adjustable stands. The build quality of the systems ensures that they are extremely robust and are ideally suited for harsh production environments.

With the added advantage of being the exclusive distributors for Swiss manufactured and designed label applicators by Collamat, Dy-Mark Identification Solutions believe that they can offer the industry a complete range of automatic labelling systems from print and apply to label applicators. The unique modularity of the Collamat label applicators enables extensive configurations for any production environment.

According to Luft, the Collamat Series are configurable for wrap, bottom, front and back and dual labelling applications and range from 15 metres per minute to 100 metres per minute.

“The Collamat Series of label applicators are incredibly reliable, modular, configurable and of the highest Swiss quality. The modularity means that we can design a solution to fit any customer requirements.”

The Collamat range can also be offered with the Collaflex conveyor or rotator systems to provide a total turnkey solution for labelling.

Since the launch of the UBS range and the partnership with Collamat, Dy-Mark Identification Solutions can now offer a total range of labelling solutions to match any configuration or requirement.

“The beauty of the UBS and Collamat ranges is that we can now label any product, any orientation and any size label needed.” Luft explained.

“Dy-Mark Identification Solutions also manufacture their own labels from primary product labels through to pallet labels so we can offer the industry a full solution to their labelling needs.”

For further information contact:

Mark Luft

Dy-Mark Identification Solutions

National Sales Manager

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