UK company allows manufacturers to see potential factories in 3D

An equipment company in the UK has launched a 3D virtual reality warehouse simulator which allows food manufacturers to test warehouse options before making decisions on changes.

Briggs Equipment UK is currently offering the virtual reality experience to clients’, who experience the potential warehouse through a visor while sitting in a chair.

Users can look at warehouse designs, hourly flow rates and visual indications of bottlenecks and Briggs can then source the necessary resources to make the vision a reality.

The experience is particularly useful for companies with small warehouses, as it allows them to out the space available to the best use possible.

“For example, you can create an additional 18 per cent storage space,” Mark Murfet, VNA (Very Narrow Aisles) and warehouse project manager at Briggs said.

“We can help you store, say, 10 000 pallets using 40 oer cent less space.

The technology also allows manufacturers to foresee and reduce unnecessary costs, including purchasing too many vehicles or storage racks.

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