UK pie manufacturer fined £375,000 for safety breaches

Andrew Jones Pies, a west-Yorkshire based pie manufacturer which is now in administration, must pay £375,000 after a gas explosion killed one man and injured another.

The manufacturer was last month found guilty of health and safety breaches, with a judge at York Crown Court claiming it had "failed dismally."

According to foodmanufacture.co.uk, the judge said while the company isn't in a position to pay the fines, the charges reflect the manufacturers' failings.

The explosion occured in 2009 when baker, David Cole, tried repeatedly to light a 30 year old oven, unaware that gas was building up inside the baking chamber, eventually causing the door to blow off the oven and hit Cole, who was then trapped when part of the roof collapsed.

Cole died at the scene and another worker, Marcys Cartwright, was badly hurt.

The case is similar to one closer to home, with directors at Pokolbin's Drayton's Family Wines accused of failing to ensure the safety of their workers, following a 2008 explosion which killed two people.

Workcover NSW has launched criminal proceedings against the winery more than 18 months after a coroner found that poor safety measures were a major cause of the blast which killed winemaker Trevor Drayton and boilermaker Eddie Orgo.


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