Uncle Tobys celebrates 130 years

This year marks a significant milestone for beloved Australian oats brand Uncle Tobys, as it celebrates 130 years of delivering nutritious and delicious goodness to Aussie families.

First milled in Wahgunyah, Victoria in 1893, Uncle Tobys keeps kitchen cupboards stocked across the nation, with its range of oats, cereals, snacks and muesli bars.

The iconic brand has played an integral role in Australian culture: from supporting Aussie farmers; the nostalgia of a muesli bar in the school lunch box; baking Anzac biscuits from a 100-year-old recipe; supporting the Iron Man Super series and elite swimmers; to recreating the viral #bakedoats social media trend in 2021.

New recipes

To commemorate the anniversary, the company is releasing a series of exciting new recipes with chef Hayden Quinn.

Quinn will bring a nostalgic and birthday-themed twist to iconic oat dishes that celebrate Australian flavours and the brand’s heritage, including: Lamington Oat Swirl, Green and Gold Aussie Bowl and Fairy Bread Oats – showcasing the versatility and creativity of Uncle Tobys oats.

Hayden Quinn said, “I am thrilled to be a part of the 130th Birthday celebrations for Uncle Tobys. Having worked closely with the brand for over five years, and as someone who has grown up with the iconic red box in my pantry, it’s an honour to be able to contribute to the brand’s legacy through the creation of these new recipes.”

Local manufacturing

Uncle Tobys oats are 100 per cent Australian and almost all grown and harvested within a few hundred kilometres from its Wahgunyah factory in the Victorian Riverine region.

The brand’s commitment to supporting farmers, includes the generations of Aussie farming families who help produce over 26,000 tonnes of Uncle Tobys oats every year.

Case study: Landgren brothers celebrate 40 years

Brothers Shane and John Landgren are marking their 40th year working at the Uncle Tobys factory. Over the decades they’ve held various roles across the factory, from operations to production, helping to create some of Australia’s most iconic cereals and snacks.

“We’ve had experiences and responsibilities we never could’ve expected and we’re proud to come into work every day with the drive to leave things better than we found them,” said Landgren.

The Landgren brothers have been joined by five other Landgren family members since 1983, and combined, the Landgren family have surpassed 100 years of service to the Uncle Tobys factory.

“Our roles (at Uncle Tobys) led to us making a home base here,” added Landgren.

“The fact that they have enabled working at the Wahgunyah factory to be a family affair for us, is one of the biggest reasons we’re still here 40 years on.”

Join the celebrations

Join the festivities by purchasing a limited-edition box of Uncle Tobys traditional rolled oats from your local supermarket and recreate Hayden Quinn’s iconic birthday oats recipes by checking out @uncletobys or @haydenquinn on Instagram

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