Union obstruction endangers Australian manufacturing: Teys CEO

Brad Teys, the CEO of beef processor Teys Australia, has called for workplace reform, detailing a need to do so to protect local manufacturing and offer more than “platitudes” about the sector’s difficulties.

Writing in today’s Australian Financial Review, Teys said that consideration had been given to closing down the company’s plant at Beenleigh, which employs 800 people and which Teys estimates has a flow-on effect for 4,000 local jobs.

“Protecting what remains of Australian manufacturing – and developing new possibilities – is of course a wider issue than labour costs,” the CEO conceded in his AFR opinion piece, but took aim at the Australasian Meat Industry Employees Union.

Teys stated that the union rejected an Enterprise Bargaining Agreement for workers six times, and – despite the wishes of a majority of workers – had referred the agreement to the Fair Work Commission.

To read Teys’s side of the disagreement, click here.


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