Unistraw’s Sipahh straws an international success

Unistraw International’s Sipahh Milk Flavouring Straws have gained international success since its launch 18 months ago. Since late 2005, contracts with food and beverage distributors in more than 100 countries, including all the G8, have been successfully negotiated.

Austrade’s regional director for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Leith Doody said Austrade has been working with Unistraw in many markets.

“The G8 economies are all large, highly competitive and established markets, so innovation and tapping the resources that exist for companies in those markets will help your business achieve success in these regions – as Unistraw has discovered,” Doody said.

Unistraw’s CEO, Martin Chimes said the company is determined to make history by changing the way people flavour and fortify beverages globally.

“The Unistraw Delivery System straw technology has a multitude of applications. It also fits with the current growing consumer trend for products that combine health and convenience,” Chimes said.

According to the company, the research and development team are finalising a number of unique products including straws that will flavour water, as well as deliver medication, probiotics and neutraceuticals.

Unistraw’s trading model has attracted interest from overseas partners who represent Unistraw branded products in a specific country or market. In the near future companies will be able to license the Unistraw Delivery System to deliver their own product formulations and brands in new ways. Several international market leaders are interested in engaging Unistraw as a platform to revolutionise their own food, beverage and pharmaceutical product brands.


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