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Australia’s first plant-based smoked salmon

Uproot Food Carrot Salmon

Uproot Food has announced the launch of Smoked Not Salmon – Australia’s first plant-based smoked salmon made from carrots.

Uproot Food believes that Smoked Not Salmon will not only provide vegan and vegetarian consumers with a delicious healthy seafood substitute, but it will make it easier for flexitarians to reduce their animal consumption.

Smoked Not Salmon embodies the flavour, texture, aroma, and appearance of smoked salmon but is made with ingredients that people recognise and trust. It’s made with several organic and wholefood ingredients such as organic kelp and cold pressed flaxseed oil as a source of Omega 3.

Uproot Food’s mission is to highlight vegetables and turn them into delicious seafood or meat substitutes.

“We want to provide people with a fantastic tasting plant-based alternative using a minimal amount of wholefood ingredients. Keep it simple and swim on, salmon!” said Uproot founder Nathan Tsivlin.

Co-founder Livia Tsivlin added, “Our Smoked Not Salmon is a true catch – without any bycatch and no fishy ingredients.”

Uproot Food released Smoked Not Salmon in a soft launch on 1st September 2022, and is now available at vegan grocery stores in Australia or on Uproot Food’s website.

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