Urschel Laboratories celebrates its 100th birthday

URSCHEL Laboratories is celebrating a century of manufacturing precision food cutting equipment.

The US-based company, whose equipment is available exclusively in Australia and New Zealand from Heat and Control, started when William Urschel designed the Gooseberry Snipper in 1910 to remove the stem and blossom ends from gooseberries. The design of the Gooseberry Snipper signalled the start of the company.

Since then, Urschel Laboratories has become a specialist in size reduction machinery for many food applications; slice, dice, cut, cube and puree.

Heat and Control has over 40 years experience with Urschel Laboratories equipment for all manner of food products from fruit and vegetables to meat, poultry and seafood.

As part of their 100th year celebration, Urschel Laboratories vice president of sales, Tim O’Brien, and Asia Pacific manager, Andrew Neo, capped off an Asia Pacific tour with a visit to Australia.

“The Australian market is similar to the US, but on a smaller scale with a wide variety of applications in the fruit and vegetable, dairy, meat, bakery and snack food industries for size reduction machinery being utilised,” O’Brien said.

“Plus there are both multi-national food companies and national Australian companies producing good quality products with the help of Urschel machinery.”

“In recent years, food processing in Australia appears to hold its strength even during the global economy crisis. The domestic market remains as strong and I foresee the export market will improve with the recovery of the global economy,” Neo added.

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