US tech company partners with consulting firm to launch global wine app

My Wine Society has launched a social engagement platform dedicated to wine for vineyards, vendors and the global passionate wine community.

CEO of My Wine Society Sean Evans, and fellow industry entrepreneur Jeremy Wong have developed the app’s concept alongside Skylab apps. The app consists of building the aspect of communications, experience, and connection within its community. “Think [of its as like] Facebook for wine,” said Evans

Thanks to its partnership with Skylab Apps, it is the first wine app where the users can interact, share, explore, and be rewarded. “We were able to leverage a technology company that specialises in the science of engagement, to create a unique app platform that centers around creating the global wine community. With that we’re giving a place for wineries to uniquely communicate with their customers in a way that feels organic and complete, so they don’t lose touch with people,”  said Evans.

My Wine Society hosted their Beta launch event for the Napa Valley region — which marks the official opening of its first public testing round in partnership with conscious consumer outlet Feast it Forward, on July 14 at The Studio in Napa, California. They also launched in the LA/Temecula region in November as well as launching in the Mexico region following in early 2019.