User-friendly bag palletiser

Haver & Boecker announces the availability of ‘the world’s most user-friendly bag palletiser’ in the Australian market.

Developed by Haver & Boecker’s palletising technology division, Newtec Bag Palletizing, the new Terram 1000 offers Australian manufacturers of animal feed, seeds, mortar and plastic granulates an efficient bag palletising solution that combines user-friendly operation and maintenance with high safety and performance, delivering perfectly palletised bags with an output of 500 to 1,000 bags per hour.

Martin Mersmann, Haver & Boecker Australia’s Sales Manager for Packing Technology observes that the manufacturing industry is continuously focussed on minimising capital and operating costs without compromising productivity or quality. Haver & Boecker’s technologies aim to provide more efficient, robust and compact solutions to optimise operations and deliver a rapid return on investment.

He explains that the Terram 1000 is called ‘the world’s most user-friendly bag palletiser’ because of its incredibly simple and fully integrated operating system, flexible capabilities, compact design, perfect output and advanced safety features.

Key features of the Terram 1000 bag palletisers include intuitive touch panel screen integrating all operating modes and settings with machine diagnostics and maintenance assistance; both low level and high level palletising enabled; perfectly rectangular and stable pallet obtained with its forming plates uniformly stacking and shaping each layer; compact design allowing installation in a reduced floor space; and enhanced safety during maintenance with all components brought to floor level if required for easy access without using ladders or platforms.

Mersmann adds that investing in a solution such as the Terram 1000 means improved storage, transport and logistics, greater productivity and, fundamentally, more sales with the quality of the pallet delivering a better looking product.

The Terram 1000 also features Haver & Boecker’s precision weighing system, the MEC4.

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