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Vacay alcoholic seltzer hits the market

An all-natural, alcoholic seltzer has hit Australian shores. Vacay is 100 per cent Australian-made and owned and the first of its kind to have a sommelier working on its light, crisp, clean flavour.
Research has shown that consumers are looking for options that will improve their overall wellbeing, which is one of the macro trends impacting behaviour and choice, along with taste preferences.
“I noticed a category gap in the current Australian liquor market. From a wellbeing perspective there is no one liquor category that categorically delivers all the consumers wants. Any new drink needs to be ‘better for you’, low in calories, and consumers are seeking hydration as much as refreshment,” said founder James McPhie.
With this in mind, McPhie brought on operations expert Amanda Schafer and sommelier Alex Kirkwood to develop a low calorie, unique and crisp palate to appeal to Aussies.
Brewed off a malt base, Vacay is turned into alcoholic water with the artificial colours and preservatives removed, then infused with all-natural ingredients, and then carbonated.

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