Vacay seltzer set to launch in Europe this year

Home-brewed local brand, Vacay Alcoholic Seltzer, launched into the seltzer scene in October 2020 and has since grown at a rapid pace with their sights set on going global – launching in Europe this March, followed by Asia and North America shortly after.

Vacay has appointed Single Vineyad Sellers as the exclusive wholesale distributor for sales in Australia nationally. Founder James McPhie welcomes the growt. “It’s been great to see the seltzer category take over this summer,” he said. “We have some great support partners like Opera Bar driving the brand in venue and working with us to bring the brand to life! We have our Australian consumers to thank for our success and are thrilled to launch with our international partners.”

It has less than 62 calories in a can, is vegan friendly and has reduced sugar, carbs and gluten; plus is the first of its kind to have a sommelier working on its flavour.

He shares Vacay’s popularity with operations expert Amanda Schafer and Australian sommelier, Alex Kirkwood, who developed the low calorie, unique and crisp palate to appeal to Aussies. Kirkwood is responsible for the four refreshing flavours of Raspberry, Lime, Pure, and Kakadu Plum to ensure a fresher, cleaner and smoother without the sugar of others in the category.

“Over summer, more bars and mixologists have been using our flavours as mixers with other spirits. The fine and consistent level of carbonation encourages our flavours to pop by themselves, but also adds another level of complexity to mixed drinks with the healthier benefits you can’t find in many other mixers,” Kirkwood said.

Brewed off a malt base, VACAY is turned into alcoholic water with with the artificial colours and preservatives removed, then infused with all-natural ingredients, and then carbonated.

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