Vegan food company Vgarden expands to Queensland

Vegan food company Vgarden expands to Queensland

Vgarden, a vegan food company based in Israel, will create a new, plant-based food factory in Brisbane, as part of an ongoing relationship with Australia-based Cale and Daughters, which owns multiple vegan brands.

The two companies have worked together for two years to build plant-based food distribution in Australia. The new factory is scheduled for completion in 2023 and will employ 50 staff.

“Once fully established, our new facility will allow us to use locally sourced materials with a smaller carbon footprint,” said Ben Dotan, head of Innovation and Engagements at Vgarden.

“We will also investigate the possibility of exporting our products from Australia to the APAC region.”

lan Adut, CEO, Vgarden Israel said, “We are extremely proud of the partnership we have forged with Cale and Daughters over the last 2 years,”

“We share the same idealist values and a clear vision for the potential of delicious, nutritious foods.”

Vgarden develops, manufactures and distributes a range of products in Israel, including dairy-free cheese and spreads, vegan pastries, meat and fish alternatives, and lactose-free food.

The company is a supplier to major food chains, including Burger King and Pizza Hut. Vgarden is already a supplier to Woolworths in Australia.

Australia is a major producer of grains, pulses and legumes. With an advanced agri-research sector, Australia is poised to become a global leader in plant-based proteins.

Founder and CEO of Cale and Daughters, Cale Drouin, says consumer demand in the vegan sector continues to surge.

“Manufacturing locally in Australia means we will be able to maintain price competitiveness. Partnering with Vgarden also means we can offer Australia customers quality plant-based products that have a smaller carbon footprint.”

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) has estimated that Australia’s $140 million plant-based protein sector could grow to $9 billion by 2030.

Australia is the world’s third fastest-growing market for plant-based foods. Food Frontier data shows that in 2019–20, Australia’s plant-based meat sector generated $185 million in sales. This is up 32 per cent from A$140 million in 2018–19.

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