Vegemite celebrates 90 years with new campaign [video]

This year marks the 90th anniversary of Kraft’s iconic Australian spread, Vegemite.

A new advertising campaign titled “Start with Vegemite”, aims to reconnect Australians with the popular spread by reminding consumers that Vegemite provides a nutritious and delicious start to the day.

The campaign, which is the first from the brand since 2011, will highlight ways that Australians can utilise the spread as part of a healthy breakfast routine including spreading Vegemite on sourdough topped with a poached egg and adding avocado and lemon to a piece of Vegemite toast.

The campaign will also remind consumers of the spread’s nutritional credentials by emphasising that it is one of the world’s richest sources of B vitamins.

The campaign will be complemented by two new 30 second TV commercials directed by Bruce Hunt of Matrix fame, which will showcase fresh and appetising ways to consume the Australian breakfast classic. The first of the commercials will air tonight (27 May) on prime-time television.

The campaign will combine the TV commercials with above the line, digital and PR activity, as well as promotion through the brands website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest accounts.

Mike Waddington, general manager marketing (foods), said that the new brand direction will demonstrate inspirational ways to eat Vegemite as part of a delicious breakfast.

“To ensure Vegemite maintains pride of place at the Australian breakfast table, we have also chosen to elevate the nutrition credentials of Vegemite through the broader campaign, re-engaging and reminding Australians that Vegemite is an important part of a healthy breakfast in Australia,” he said.




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