Vegemite celebrates 90th birthday with Facebook campaign

To help celebrate its 90th birthday, Vegemite has launched a large-scale digital marketing campaign, asking consumers to help celebrate the brands milestone by visiting its Facebook page.

For every 'like' Vegemite receives during the month of October, the brand, together with its suppliers, will donate one jar of Vegemite – up to 90,000 jars in total – to food relief agency, Foodbank.

With its official birthday on 25 October, Vegemite is asking consumers to start their day with some of the iconic spread, and share it with fellow Vegemite fans on social media, using the hashtag #Vegemite90.

Darren O'Brien, managing director – foods said, "In today’s digital age, we felt that an online callout was the best way to enable Australians in every corner of the country and the world to share the 90th birthday milestone in a very real and personal way. Vegemite is a brand that is owned by all Australians and on October 25 we are asking everyone to start with Vegemite and remember the last 90 years, while looking forward to a bright future."

O'Brien said the key to Vegemite's success over the years has been its ability to adapt with the times, arguing that the brand is as relevant and loved today as it was when it launched in 1923.

"Many things have changed since then, but Vegemite is still our favourite breakfast spread and still one of the world’s richest known sources of B Vitamins," he said.

Earlier this year, Vegemite's owner, Mondelez International – formerly Kraft – kicked off the “Start with Vegemite” campaign which highlights the spread's versatility and reminds consumers of its nutritional value.


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