Veggie Roasters range released

Plant-based diets are definitely on the rise, but sometimes inspiration can be tricky to muster up. That’s why Table of Plenty has created Veggie Roasters, the simple flourish that makes veggies delicious every time.

The range comprises two flavours – Golden Moroccan and Classic Paprika – both of which have been  created to add taste and texture to a plethora of vegetable dishes. Veggie Roasters can be used to roast cauliflower, add depth of flavour to a Tortilla de Patatas or in casseroles and veggie bakes.

Table of Plenty founder Kate Weiss says Veggie Roasters were created to help people bridge the gap between healthy and easy cooking. Like all Table of Plenty products, the Veggie Roasters were born from Kate’s passion for helping Australians enjoy a healthier, balanced lifestyle.

The Veggie Roasters come in individual serves of 25 grams and are made from all-natural = ingredients with no bulkers or fillers. They are the new vegan-friendly pantry staple.

“I created the Veggie Roasters range to be an easy way for people to make vegetables more exciting and appealing,” Kate said. “Vegetables should be at the core of any balanced diet and are an essential source of nutrients. Many people want to eat more vegetables but are tired at the end of the day and need something easy to whip up.”

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