Veggies verging on disaster

As Australia’s states and territories struggle with the elements, battling fires, searing heat, and flooding, vegetable shortages are becoming more likely.

Massive crop losses have been reported in every Australian state and territory, according to industry body Ausveg.

Heatwaves in WA, South Australia, Victoria and parts of NSW have almost decimated Australia’s lettuce, cauliflower and broccoli crops, said Ausveg chairman, John Brent.

Flooding in Queensland’s far north had hit tomato, sweet corn and potato growers and was preventing stock from reaching southern markets.

“No vegetable grower benefits out of the extremes,” he said.

“Even though losses or damage to crops may result in higher prices, the result for the grower is that they are in a poorer position than they would be in a normal season.”

Given that this has occurred across the spectrum in extremes, I believe that there could be some volatility in pricing moving forward but at all times vegetables are still very good value for money.”

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