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Vetta SMART Flour wins Best Baking Staple Award

Vetta SMART Flour

Vetta SMART Protein Flour has won Best Baking Staple in the 2021 Healthy Food Guide Awards, run by Australian Healthy Food Guide magazine. 

The annual campaign from the Australian publication establishes a guide to the most nutritious food products on supermarket shelves, across a broad range of categories. 

The main purpose of the Awards is to highlight the healthiest packaged food products available to Australian shoppers as selected by HFG’s panel of dieticians, and as voted by readers and followers. 

In addition to its win for Vetta SMART Flour in the Baking Staple category, Vetta was also a finalist in the Best Pantry Staple category, with Vetta SMART Fibre Veg Twists Pasta receiving a coveted nomination. 

Vetta SMART Protein Flour delivers twice the protein, twice the fibre and 25 per cent less carbs than regular flour, making the flour of choice for baking enthusiasts looking to boost the protein intake of their favourite baked goods. 

Proudly Australian family owned and made, Vetta SMART Protein Flour is crafted from 100 per cent responsibly grown Australian wheat, helping protect the Australian land for future generations. 

“With protein being one of the most prominent claims on supermarket shelves, the timing was right for Vetta to expand its SMART portfolio into the baking aisle,” Rinoldi marketing manager Emilie Emond said. 

“We have seen a tremendous response from consumers who love the added nutritional benefits, whilst knowing they are supporting Australian farmers.” 

Responsible farming makes a difference by ensuring that crops are grown safely while protecting the environment, the social-economic conditions of the farmers and the local community as a whole. 

Vetta works directly with farmers who pride themselves on being responsible managers of their natural assets and ensuring it is nurtured and cared for ready to be passed on to the next generation. 

Since Vetta started working with Rural Aid in 2020, the brand has donated over $250,000 to Rural Aid (as of 30 Sept 2021), helping to supply Australian farming communities affected by drought with the equivalent of 14 road trains or 269 tons of hay. 

“As a family-owned Australian business who deals with Australian farmers, the partnership with Rural Aid was a natural fit for us,” Rinoldi, producer of Vetta Pasta, owner and director Bill Quayle said. 

“It means a lot to us to be able to give back and we look forward to continuing to support rural communities.” 

Vetta SMART Protein Flour launched in March 2021 and is available from the baking aisle in selected Woolworths supermarkets, or online. The range is available in Plain and Self Raising Flour (1kg bags) at an RRP of $4.50. 


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