Victorian food and fibre exports hit record high

Victoria has set a new record with food and fibre exports reaching $12.8 billion – the biggest total in the state’s history.

According to the 2016-17 Food and Fibre Export Performance Report released today, Victoria accounts for 25 per cent of Australia’s food and fibre exports, despite taking up just 3 per cent of the country’s land mass.

A key strength of the Victorian food and fibre sector is its diversity and reputation for producing high quality, clean and healthy food for key export regions such as Asia.

In 2016-17, Victoria accounted for 79 per cent of Australia’s dairy exports, 55 per cent of wool exports, 46 per cent of horticultural exports and 38 per cent of prepared food exports.

Prepared foods had a strong year, earning $1.5 billion, increasing by $164 million or 12 per cent last financial year.

Grains also had an excellent year, with an all-time record grain harvest, and exports valued at $1.8 billion in 2016-17 – an increase of $839 million or 87 per cent on the previous financial year.

“The resilience and ingenuity of our primary producers and food manufacturers continues to make Victoria the top food and fibre exporting state in the nation,” said Minister for Agriculture Jaala Pulford.

“I congratulate all our food and fibre producers, manufacturers and exporters for their hard work and significant contribution to the state of Victoria.”

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