Victorian town produces its first commercial quantities of organic butter

The first commercial quantities of Australian Organic Dairy Butter have come off a south west Victorian production line as part of a partnership between Organic Dairy Farmers Australia (ODFA) and Aussie Farmers Direct (AFD)

The butter which is made using organic milk from local Victorian farms has created some 30 jobs for the small country Victorian town of Camperdown where the butter factory is located.

At present, ODFA employees 23 local famers  – all of which own a stake in the farmer owned co-operative – who are producing enough milk for 150 tonnes of butter this year, with trails on an unsalted butter having commenced recently.

ODFA CEO Bruce Symons said that the partnership between ODFA and AFD has provided an invaluable opportunity for the local community by creating jobs and utilising previously closed-down processing facilities.

“These farmers invest their considerable energy and efforts into making sure they have healthy soils which translates into pastures holding a plethora of vitamins and minerals for their cows which ultimately produce a truly remarkable milk,” says Symons. 

“We firmly believe if the cows are happy and healthy then the quality of the milk is better. To be able to take this milk and produce the first commercial quantities of organic butter in Australia is really very humbling.”

ODFA also recently launched a biodynamic milk which has proven to be hugely popular in high end cafes and retail outlets.

“A number of the really serious restaurants and cafes have recognised what a difference a high quality milk can make in not just coffee, but as an ingredient in other goods they are making,” he said.

“We’re now in a position where we’re able to provide the market quality products in large quantities and the path from cow to cup is entirely traceable.”

In addition to the organic butter line, Symons says that the co-operative will be looking to add a cheese-making facility and retail store.

“The initial success and rapid uptake of the new, freshly churned butter from the Camperdown site has emboldened the co-op,” he said.

“Already down the road in Timboon we have undertaken a joint venture with renowned French-born cheesemaker Matthieu Megard to make artisan style organic French and Swiss style cheeses, and plans are now in place to expand dairy production at Camperdown or Timboon into other dairy products, and look at retail and a our own cheese-making facility.”


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