Visual Ice opens freezer doors

With modern retail utilising every bit of available space to promote and advertise Visual Ice is promoting a new way of asserting brand awareness in the ‘untouched’ freezer section.

With Visual Ice’s Freezer and Fridge Promotions, retailers and suppliers alike can unlock the potential that these large – and largely off-limit – sections of stores represent.

Using the latest nano-technology, Visual Ice’s patented process means that most branding or advertising can be temporarily embedded into most freezer and fridge doors, turning each into a reactive —and interactive- billboard.

The ‘reactive’ nature of a Visual Ice promotion means that each time a door is opened, the embedded promotion appears as a frosted image, coming to life within seconds and remaining visible for up to 2 minutes thereafter, before returning the door to it’s clear state, ensuring shoppers will see through to their product choices/

According to the company, the concept is safe, quick to install, change or remove, and easily maintained. The Visual Ice application will not wipe-off with conventional cleaning, which assures brands will get plenty of display during promotions.

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