Visy to target growth in Asia

Visy Industries is making an aggressive push into Asia, looking to begin manufacturing in at least four new locations and working with food makers to boost exports to the region.

In an interview with The Australian, chairman Anthony Pratt said he aimed to emulate the growth story of his Pratt Industries, which is the fifth-biggest box manufacturer in the United States.

"We are going to try and build the manufacturing part of Asia like we built America,” said Pratt.

“We are taking a 20 year view to build a good, solid business that takes advantage of the burgeoning Asian growth story."

Pratt said Visy planned to create packaging factories in four south-east Asian countries, and has set up warehouse distribution centres outside Shaghai and Beijing and a trading office in Shenzhen.

The company also plans to assist its customers – 70 percent of which are in food and beverage – to quadruple food exports to Asia by through high-quality packaging.

"They say there is no shortage of food in the world; it is getting it there to feed everyone. And packaging is an intrinsic part of that," he told The Australian.

"The single way we can help our Australian customers is to provide tamper-proof, tamper-evident packaging that is durable and has long shelf life."


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