Vitaminwater health claim case could become class-action lawsuit

A US court case challenging health claims on Coca-Cola's Vitaminwater beverages could proceed as a class-action lawsuit.

According to news.com.au, health advocacy group Center for Science in the Public Interest, together with consumers from California and New York, are accusing Coca-Cola Co of using deceptive labelling on its Vitaminwater drinks, including claims that the product reduces risk of eye disease and boosts the immune system.

Judge Robert Levy said the lawsuit can proceed as a class-action case, and the plaintiffs can seek injunctive relief, which would prevent Coca-Cola from making certain marketing claims, but Levy said the parties can't seek financial damages.

A Coca-Cola representative said the company is "very gratified" that monetary damage claims were denied, arguing that the plaintiffs' claims are without metit and "will ultimately be rejected."

Coca-Cola's attempts to have the case dismissed were rejected on technical grounds in 2010, with the Judge at the time, John Gleeson, arguing the beverage company's claims violates Food and Drug Administration labelling rules and that sugar isn't identified as a key ingredient, although itis listed in the nutrition information on the bottles.


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