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Vitasoy Australia launches creamier Cafe for Baristas Almond Milk

Vitasoy Australia

Vitasoy Australia, a plant-based milk brand, has announced the launch of its reformulated Cafe for Baristas Almond Milk. 

Vitasoy Australia, recognised as a pioneer of plant-based milk for barista made coffee, has responded to domestic demand and reworked its original Cafe for Baristas Almond Milk to bring a new, creamier formulation to market. This will be introduced in cafés across Australia for latte drinkers. 

The reformulated Cafe for Baristas Almond Milk has been a labour of love for Vitasoy, in conjunction with one of Australia’s best baristas, to produce a delicious creamy, nutty taste that balances perfectly with coffee. 

“The changes made to Cafe for Baristas Almond Milk now has a smooth, decadent flavour, with a high-quality sweet almond finish that completes the ultimate almond milk coffee experience,” Vitasory brand ambassador and 2019 Australian Barista Champion Matthew Lewin said. 

“Together with coffee, what you experience is mouth-watering and utterly delicious – definitely assets I look for as a barista.” 

“We’ve worked hard on crafting the perfect plant-based milks for coffee – this journey alone is nearly two years in the making,” Vitasoy Australia marketing and strategy director Nick Bartram said. 

“Coffee is the most important recruitment platform to bring people into the plant-based revolution, so within the range we have to bring the best tasting almond milk in-market for cafes across Australia and New Zealand. 

“By prioritising top quality Australian grown almonds from northern Victoria, we think we’ve cracked the recipe that is blended at our Albury-Wodonga site to make our almond milk,” he said. 

“This should translate into confidence for the cafe owners and baristas, knowing that using Cafe for Baristas means using a homegrown and sustainably made dairy alternative that supports local farmers and rural communities.” 

The reformulated Vitasoy Café for Baristas Almond Milk will be available from July 2021. 

For more information, visit, or contact your local distributor or the Bega Dairy and Drinks Customer Service team on 1800 000 570. 


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