VMAU automatic air atomising spray guns

VMAU automatic air atomising spray guns are designed to provide solutions for even the most demanding spray applications including butter, sugar and tablet coating.

Independent liquid, atomising air and fan air controls allow users to adjust spray capacity, spray patterns and droplet size. The modular design allows for fast and simple maintenance – no tools are needed to disassemble the spray gun. The air cap is O-ring sealed and is placed on the fluid tip which provides a tight seal and better alignment for a more consistent spray pattern and reduced downtime caused by seal failures.

The spray guns help to reduce overspray and ensure a uniform spray distribution is maximised. They also improve spray and product quality.

Other benefits of the product include decreased seal failure, plugging and bearding.

The spray guns are available in a wide array of spray set-up configurations, FDA compliant material options and anti-bearding set-ups.

An additional heat jacket accessory has been developed to keep atomising liquids warm in order to prevent thickening. The heat jacket can be slipped over the body of the VMAU spray gun with ease. The patent-pending design maintains the temperature of the liquid through the VMAU body as well as in the inlets in the air cap.  

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