WA should focus on food export: Agricultural Minister

The Western Australian Agriculture Minister wants the state to be good at something besides mining; he wants the state to make the most of the demand for food around the globe.

Speaking at the Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society conference in Perth, Terry Redman said that with the world’s population tipped to reach 2.5 billion in 2025, WA needs to start promoting itself now as a reliable food supplier.

"We’ve got a situation in WA, I believe, where we are well positioned geographically," he said.

"We are net exporters of food, we are looking to take up whatever international opportunities present."

Redman’s proposed changes would add to the state’s well-performing mining industry said and create opportunities to increase the value of agricultural exports.

The WA government’s Agrifood 2025 initiative, will examine ways to increase economic benefits of trading food products with international markets.

Currently WA exports more than $5 billion of agricultural products annually, which is expected to grow as the demand increases, so the Department of Agriculture and Food will be holding workshops with businesses in the industry brainstorm ideas to support the plan.

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