Water treatment growth down under

One of the world’s leading water treatment groups, Eimco Water Technologies Limited (EWT), is expanding its activities Down Under through its acquisition of AJM Environmental Services Pty Ltd.

AJM is one of Australia’s leading providers of wastewater/water re-use technology into the food and beverage market, as well as specialising in the design, manufacture and construction of industrial, energy, oil industry and infrastructure plants for wastewater treatment, potable water treatment and sludge dewatering.

EWT’s Vice President, Michael Froud, said the acquisition of AJM would form a foundation stone of EWT’s strong push into the industrial wastewater and water re-use sectors within the region -“With more than 40 highly experienced staff and an expanding network of subsidiary companies and representation throughout SE Asia, The Middle East and beyond, AJM already provides comprehensive sales and service support from offices conveniently located in all major cities in Australia and New Zealand,” he said.

“AJM’s expertise and specialties are an outstanding fit with GLV’s Water Treatment Group (Eimco Water Technologies), which, since being set up in 2004, has achieved revenues of more than $A250m million a year. The group is experiencing robust growth driven by organic growth and acquisitions such as this latest excellent organisation,” said Mr Froud.

Commenting on the strategic value of this acquisition, GLV’s President and Chief Operating Officer Richard Verreault described the key advantages it brings to GLV as follows:

  • It enhances GLV’s offering and know-how in the provision of wastewater re-use solutions;
  • It enables the Company to integrate new-generation technologies that are complementary to those of the Water Treatment Group, although specifically tailored to the needs of the food and beverage industry: one of the industrial segments experiencing the greatest and fastest growing demand for wastewater treatment and re-use technologies worldwide. The integrated solutions offered by AJM in this niche market, notably include dissolved air flotation and biological systems that are highly efficient in terms of operating costs and recycled water quality, when combined with membrane technology. For instance, AJM is currently implementing a 4ML/day integrated water re-use system for a large food processing company in Australia, that will allow it to re-use more than 70% of its wastewater while achieving a level a purity superior to that of drinking water;
  • The acquisition of AJM provides GLV’s Water Treatment Group with a broader operational base in Australia, a high-potential geographic market for water treatment solutions providers, considering its strong economy and lack of water resources.

AJM has a dynamic and qualified team working primarily in product engineering, project management and sales, and shares the same entrepreneurial culture as GLV. Its three founding officers and major shareholders are joining GLV’s Water Treatment Group and will contribute to the ongoing growth of this segment of its operations in Australia and on the international scene. The acquisition of AJM meets the Water Treatment Group’s objective of better balancing its revenues between the municipal and industrial segments. AJM was founded in Sydney in the 1990s on the foundation of each of the proprietors’ 20 years experience in designing and constructing industrial wastewater treatment plants. AJM Director Adrian Minshull says an integral component of AJM’s initial success was based on the development of a broad range of high quality proprietary equipment, such as dissolved air flotation systems, oil separators, clarifiers, belt presses and several other common process tools found in wastewater treatment operations.

“AJM’s acquisition by EWT will back this experience with global resources and expertise, providing unprecedented growth potential and great opportunities for Australian skills in applying world’s best technologies,’ says Minshull.

Eimco Water Technologies specialises in the development and global marketing of equipment used for treating municipal and Industrial water and wastewater, as well as large scale water intake projects, ranging from power stations to oil refineries and desalination plants.

Eimco Water Technologies announced last month that it is introducing to Australia an advanced hydro-optic disinfection (HOD) process that is environmentally friendly and leaves no disinfection by-products.

Atlantium Technologies Ltd’s chemical-free process won the 2007 international Institute of Food Technologist’s award for its innovative Hydro-Optic Disinfection (HOD) systems, which can replace traditional disinfection methods, such as chlorine, ozone and pasteurization.

Atlantium out-of-the-water UV disinfection systems are used to treat water and wastewater involved in industrial, energy and municipal processes, including food and beverage groups. Eimco Water Technologies is master distributor for Atlantium Technologies, which have already been adopted by some of the world’s leading food and beverage manufacturers including major Australian companies.

Founded in 1975, GL&V is a world leader in liquid/solid separation technologies used in a large number of industrial, municipal and environmental processes. The Process Group (Dorr-Oliver Eimco) offers an extensive selection of liquid/solid separation solutions intended for metal and ore processing, as well as industrial and environmental processes used in various other markets such as pulp and paper, energy, chemicals, petrochemicals and food processing.

The Water Treatment Group (Eimco Water Technologies) specializes in the development and marketing of equipment for the treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater, drinking water and process water used in various industrial processes, as well as water intake screening solutions for power stations and refineries.

For further information contact:

Michael Froud

Eimco Water Technologies Vice President

02 9482 6500

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