Wattleseed latte – a bush tucker alternative to coffee

Kakadu Plum Co has announced its new Wattleseed latte as an alternative to the morning coffee routine.

Hidden away in the Australian outback is a little tree that sprouts a husk with seeds inside. Foraged and picked, roasted and then ground, the result is a beautiful and exquisite blend that tastes a little nutty and smells a little like chocolate. Now, this taste of Australia can be enjoyed as an alternative to coffee.

“We have some of the best foods and flavours grown in our own backyard. It is my vision to create a movement and greater appreciation for our Indigenous foods, culture and traditions,” said Kakadu Plum Co founder, Tahlia Mandie

Best enjoyed with soy or almond milk frothed with the wattleseed, each glass delivers a rich yet subtle chocolatey hazelnut flavour with a touch of cinnamon on top. The wattleseed latte allows vegan and non-coffee drinkers the opportunity to experience a refreshing and warming latte, all while enjoying a naturally invigorating boost of energy and nutrients from the wattleseed.

Since it’s beginning, Kakadu Plum Co. has committed itself to celebrating, honouring and acknowledging our traditional bush foods to be used in our everyday life. Indigenous Australians have traditionally ground wattleseed and use it as a type of flour in their bread and damper. Now, beyond the damper, it is the perfect true Australian caffeine free latte blend.

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