Website launched to boost Australian food IQ

A year-long research and development project by Do Something has identified the top six facts that Australians don’t know about their food.

“We’re a nation of food lovers, but our research shows we know very little about our food. It’s no wonder that Australians are throwing away three million tonnes of food every year,” Jon Dee, Do Something founder and chairman, said.

The development was part of Do Something’s FoodWise campaign, designed to reduce the 3 million tonnes of food wasted in Australia each year.

According to the findings, eight out of 10 Australians are unaware the country spends $5 billion a year on food that is dumped, while only nine out of 10 Australians buy food they don’t intend to buy as only half of us write a regular shopping list when we grocery shopping.

To help Australians become more informed about the environmental impact of the food they buy, Do Something has launched the FoodWise website.

The site shows people how to lower the environmental impact of their food. To help people become ‘foodwise’, the site has information on seasonal foods, farmers’ markets, food growing, organic food, food miles, food groups, composting, food safety and food storage.

“By becoming more ‘foodwise’, Australians can make their food last longer,” Dee said.

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