Weetbix turns 90

Weet-Bix is celebrating its 90th anniversary in New Zealand.

“What’s become pretty clear over the years is that Weet-Bix has been a staple in the kitchen pantry for many Kiwi families,” says Pete Davis, Sanitarium New Zealand’s national marketing manager.

Fuelling the ordinary to the extraordinary, Weet-Bix has been a popular breakfast choice for a long list of New Zealand legends over the decades, including Sir Edmund Hillary.

Sir Edmund Hillary’s son, Peter Hillary, is taking part in Weet-Bix’s birthday celebration this year, and has fond memories of his father eating Weet-Bix.

“My father always had Weet-Bix for breakfast; sometimes just with milk but his favourite was with a generous serve of canned peaches over the top! We were another of those New Zealand families that measured their breakfasts in multiples of Weet-Bix,” said Hillary.”

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