Wellboost launched as meal replacement

Wellboost, a dairy-based powder manufacturing company on the Gold Coast has launched its same-name branded range of nutritional supplements Wellboost, which offer immune support and can be used as a meal replacement.

Initial products include Wellboost Care Plus and Wellboost Immuno Plus, targeted towards the sectors of retail, such as chemists, aged and healthcare services, and QSR businesses, including healthfood cafes.

The food products will also be available for online sales direct to consumers, tapping into a $36.6 million wellbeing segment in Australia.

Wellboost CEO, Dirk Pretorius, said launching the range was a 12 month research and development process.

“Australian products are in demand and we can produce powder-based products, including supplements, as good as or better than what is currently in the market,” Pretorius said. “R&D began 12 months ago, however, when COVID-19 arrived, we accelerated the process to get it ready for the market to help communities that may not have access to immunity support supplements.”


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