Western Australia’s Plan for Plastics bans single-use plastics

Plan for Plastics

WWF-Australia’s 2021 scorecard for Plastic Free July has named Western Australia as the best in Australia for single-use plastic reform in its Plan for Plastics. 

The Plan for Plastics has been fast-tracked by the Western Australian government by four years and will see single-use plastics including bowls, plates, cutlery, straws and polystyrene food containers banned by December 2021. 

“It is fantastic to see Western Australia being recognised for its nation-leading action on plastics,” Environment and Climate Action minister Amber-Jade Sanderson said. 

“Single-use plastics are a scourge on our environment and our native wildlife, and we all have a role to play in reducing our use this Plastic Free July.” 

The second stage of the plan will start in December 2022 and will mean further single-use plastic products will be phased out, including takeaway coffee cups and lids. 

WWF-Australia has praised the Western Australian government for becoming the first jurisdiction in the country to take action on coffee cups. 

Fast-tracking the Plan for Plastics will save hundreds of millions of single-use plastic items from becoming litter or landfill. 

“Our fast-tracked plan will prevent millions of tonnes of plastics ending up as litter and in our oceans,” Sanderson said. 

“Thank you to WWF-Australia and Kate Noble for this honour which confirms Western Australia is number one in the country for tackling plastic pollution.” 

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