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What a sweetie: Natvia Natural Sweetener

Product Name: Natvia Natural Sweetener
Manufacturer: Natvia Australia
Ingredients: Erythritol – a naturally occurring nectar found in fruits like melons and grapes,
Stevia (Reb A)
Shelf life: three years
Packaging: Natvia
Product Manager: Sam Tew 03 9510 8919
Website: www.natvia.com.au

What the company says:

Australia’s addicted to the crystal killer
Australian’s are heavily addicted to sugar hitting up on more than 24 teaspoons every day. The sweet killer is putting thousands of lives at risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer.

At an average of 44 kg per of sugar per year, Australia’s sugar consumption is thought to be the highest in the world with European countries consuming 40 kg per year and the USA 33 kg per year.

The Australian sugar industry produces 4.6 million tonnes of raw sugar annually and is thought to use about one million tonnes domestically.

Recent studies have found sugar is an addictive substance and poses serious dangers of long term poor health and even death. Sugar affects opioids and dopamine in the brain and has an addictive potential.

Additionally, diets high in sugar have been linked to obesity as well as many other chronic and life-threatening conditions.

A 2011 study by the Endocrine Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism (JCEM) found people who consumed high sugar diets for just two weeks had already increased their cholesterol and triglycerides.

This study shows that consuming a diet of one-quarter sugars can have sudden and startling impacts on health.

It’s frightening to think what a life-time of sugar addiction can do to our bodies.

Sugar is like glass scraping the insides of our blood vessels and making holes. As the blood vessels heal they form scabs like anywhere else in your body.

This scab (artherosclerosis) can then break off and may cause a heart attack or stroke which is why a diabetic will most likely die from a heart attack.

Diets high in sugar are also linked to Alzheimer’s disease, Osteoporosis, Immune Dysfunction, Imbalance of digestive flora & Yeast infections, Depression, skin conditions and Attention deficit disorder.

Natural sweeteners as a smart alternative to added sugars in beverages and baking.

Natvia is an all natural sweetener that actually tastes like sugar and can be used in exactly the same way as sugar – in your favourite coffee or to swap the calories in your favourite cupcakes!

Made from the leaves of the stevia plant and blended with natural fruit nectars, Natvia is a healthy, natural alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners.

It has 95% fewer calories than sugar, has a low GI and contains no aspartame.

Five tips to lower your sugar intake:
1. Eat whole fresh foods Snack on fresh fruit, nuts, yoghurt or cheese and crackers, instead of sweet biscuits, chocolate or cakes.

2. Swap Sugar for Natvia Swap sugar for a natural sweetener like Natvia. There’s no reason to go cold turkey. Natvia can be used on your cappucino or even in your favourite cupcakes.

3. Swap Cereal Sugar for Natvia Top your breakfast cereal with fruit, yoghurt or Natvia natural sweetener.

4. Special occasions only Save sweet treats like lollies, chocolate, cakes and biscuits for special occasions. You’ll enjoy them more!

5. Swap Soft Drink for Water Instead of soft drink, juice or cordial, quench your thirst with water. Always carry a bottle of water with you.


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