What is a ‘good day’ in brewing? How many good days does your brewery have?

In our exclusive Craft Brewers Benchmark study, we found that craft brewers can only run their packaging line on average for 12 minutes before it stops.

In fact, most craft brewers spend 46 per cent of their time doing things other than filling cans and bottles of beer.

Seems crazy, right? But we’ve got all the numbers to prove it in our first-of-its-kind report comparing data from brewers on millions of litres of beer around the world.

Now, we’re sharing the practical steps you can take to improve your run time, get more beer out the door and have more good days.

Led by Greg Stones, supply chain Manager of Tribe Breweries, and James Magee CEO of OFS, this webinar is exclusively designed for brewers who want to know what a good day on their packaging line looks like and – most importantly – how they can sustainably and repeatedly improve their bottom line.

In this 30-minute webinar, Greg will showcase real-life data and how he used it to significantly improve Tribe Breweries manufacturing capacity in under 12 months.

Tune in to learn:

  • What to measure and what to look out for
  • How the collection and interpretation of packaging line data can reduce waste and improve your bottom line
  • How Tribe Breweries were able to increase their run time by more that 15%
  • Practical examples and steps to improve your manufacturing process and get more beer out the door

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