When Australia drinks One, the world drinks too

A new ethical water brand, launched today in Australia, makes a difference to the world One bottle at a time.

Global Ethics and One Foundation founder, Duncan Goose, was today joined by a number of high profile Australian ambassadors to launch the new ethical water brand One water.

One is the first ethical bottled water brand in Australia, donating 100% of its profits to the installation of clean water projects in developing countries.

One billion people in the world don’t have access toclean drinking water, and two million people die each year from drinking contaminated water.

By switching their usual bottled water brand to One water, Australians can now directly helpt to eradicate water scarcity by bringing clean, safe drinking water to villages and schools in Africa and Asia.

The projects not only provide clean water to the community, they also give children within the community the best chance to escape poverty by alloweing them to go to school and get an education, rather than spending hours each day collecting water.

According to research conducted by MRA Research on behalf of One water, 82% of Sydney’s bottled water drinkers would change their brand if they knew 100% of the profits were going to clean water projects.

According to Goose, “that is the premise behind One water. We are not asking people to give money or trying to grow the Australian bottled water market, we are just asking current buyers to make an educated purchase and simply choose One in the knowledge that as they drink water, so does Africa and Asia. It’s a simple choice.”

One water is available through PFD Food Service and will be on sale in Woolworths supermarkets, as well as numerous Australian university campuses from February this year.

One water gives individualys the opportunity to make an ethical choice when buying ‘on the go’ bottled water and is competitively priced with other leading brands.

All profits from One water go to the installation of unique PlayPump and SkyHydrant water systems. PlayPumps are children’s merry-go-rounds – as children play, water is pumped out of the ground and into storage tanks, which are connected to taps.

Each PlayPump provides clean water for up to 2500 people. The PlayPump also doubles as playground equipment.

SkyHydrants filter and purify drinking water for communities that deal with contaminated local water supplies and reduce the risk of water-born diseases.

One water has, to date, raised over $3.4 million, which has funded enough PlayPumps to help provide 219 communities with free, clean drinking water.

All profits that Global Ethics makes from the sale of One water go directly to funding clean water initiatives in partnership with PlayPumps International and The SkyJuice Foundation.

At the moment One is funding a new PlayPump water system every 3 days, and is aiming at funding a new PlayPump ever day.

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