Where is health & wellness heading?

Food manufacturers have taken note of consumers’ unceasing desire for food products that offer them health benefits and throughout 2007 have produced a host of successful products.

In particular, low-fat or ‘lite’ products, low-alcohol beverages, fortified products and those containing low sugar and salt levels.

So which area within the health and wellness sector will be high on food manufacturers’ agendas in 2008?

Organic products

The organic and all-natural movements have built momentum, and owners of processed food brands have addressed this by producing ranges containing few or no additives, while sales of organic produce in Australia are increasing.

Following on from this, an opportunity presents itself for manufacturers to produce a much greater range of organic processed foods.

In Europe and the US, such products abound, from organic jams and preserves, through baked beans and canned goods to baked goods and frozen ready meals.

Geriatric health products

Meanwhile, as the baby boom generation reaches their autumn years, the market for products catering to their specific nutritional needs offers great rewards to manufacturers who exploit it successfully.

Humans, as with pets, require different minerals, vitamins and nutrients at different stages of their life.

So which will bring food processors success in 2008?

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