On The Shelf

White Claw brings America’s cult favourite to Aussie shores

White Claw is gearing up to release its number one flavour, Black Cherry, into the Australian market on April 28 after strong demand from consumers.

Since launching in Australia with its Mango, Lime & Ruby Grapefruit seltzers, White Claw has received a huge number of requests for the flavour and in recent social polls Black Cherry outperformed all other popular flavours.

White Claw is giving a limited number of people the chance to be among the first to try Black Cherry in Australia with bespoke Black Cherry vending machines housing 100 cans only, allowing brand lovers the first chance to taste it.

Vending machines will be popping up at the Harbord Hotel Sydney, X-Cargo Brisbane and The Garden Leederville Perth, from 1pm on Saturday 24 April and until all stock is gone.

The company is also encouraging feedback from consumers on if they prefer the Black Cherry or the ‘OG’ flavours, Mango, Lime & Ruby Grapefruit, already released in Australia.




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